Mars Inc. – The Importance of Modern Communication

Importance of Modern Corporate Communication

Mars Incorporated – a world-leading, diverse and privately-owned food company with a portfolio of brands that are loved by billions of consumers around the globe. On September 28 the StockMarketsReview-Blog states that Mars launched its new updated global corporate website with new focus on its Five Principles – Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency and Freedom – on which the business is built, as Mars Inc. President and CEO Paul S. Michaels explains.

Especially at the present time, where corporate (social) responsibility and global commitment is more important than ever before, a positive brand image and its communication to associates, consumers as well as to suppliers is more than essential in order to succeed.

Meeting New Challenges

That is also apparent to the author of the blog named “Cross Culture Communication… Collaborative Efforts a Must!”. In his blog, he explains initially that the technical development opened up the possibility for companies to operate globally – and that this global action is closely linked to a new, cross-cultural form of communication. Over the course of his blog he points out that the understanding of cultural diversity and the development of the awareness of individual cultures is a matter of huge importance for any kind of communication to both, customers and employees. To complete his summary about cross-cultural communications he provides some tips and advices to handle these difficulties.

Taste the Rainbow (of Social Media Marketing) – Skittles

The internet is the decisive key medium for global communication. It offers not only the possibility to create an informative and interactive webpage and tons of other stuff for companies but allows also to communicate and interact directly with customers by using social media channels. A great example how Mars, Inc. used the whole “rainbow of social media marketing” to develop an only little-noticed candy named “Skittles” to an own verb is described in a blog written by Lauren McKay in which she informs about the way how this pretty unknown candy could become popular within only one day – the Skittles-site experienced an 1332 percent jump in traffic on its first day. Whereas she focuses mainly on the advantages and great innovation that this campaign represents (it was launched two years ago), there are also some critical voices, especially today. So, for example, a blog written by “hitz” considers critically the question if this social media campaign was a success or failure.

But besides all criticism the so-called Rainbow-Campaign of Mars Inc. in 2009 was the key factor for a new form of marketing: the viral marketing.  The blog with the heading “Creative Social Media Contests That Generate Viral Buzz” draws very cleverly parallels between the processes how this initial use of all social media channels has been adopted by many other companies until today.

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  1. HannahJulianeVeronika

     /  November 25, 2011

    Hi Elli,

    I think you gave a good guideline for managers and people interested in the food business. Your blog post is very professional and points out all the important elements for today’s business strategies.

    I think the story about how skittles became popular in one day is really interesting and it would be great to know more about that.

  2. Katharina

     /  November 26, 2011

    Your article seems to be very well researched! You offer a ot of expertise quotes and opinions which is good to make an article look reliable. I also like that you explain both sides of the controversial staying neutral. However, I think in the end, you should rather present your own opinion as well so that the reader gets something new out of it because everything else is already out on the internet.
    Still, it is a very well written and structured article that shows that you have put a lot of thought in it!


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