Social Media “victim” now offering own platform.

Every fourth person in Germany makes food purchases on the Internet, while around 1.5 billion Google searches here relate to the food sector.
said Gerhard Berssenbrugge, chief executive of Nestlé Germany. On top of that consumers also tend to want to know more about the products they consume. Transparency has become a very important matter for food and beverage businesses. That is why Nestlé, the is reacting towards these demands with a social commerce plaform.
After having been a “victim” of Social Media, as you probably got out of my first posts, Nestlé is now starting this approach to actually use Social Commerce in a proper and effective way, benefitting their customers as well as themeselves.
Feel like some Italian chocolate pralines or Malaysian extra-spicy chilli sauce?
Well now you can easily get these products from Nestlé Marketplace. Since September 1, 2011 the new idea of the company is online. Marketing-Kitchen , a blog writing about enterprises and their methods of marketing, introduces the new Nestlé Marketplace as a combination of Online-Shop, Information Portal and Community with which the firm wants to present itself to a wide public.
According to a blogpost on Social Media Commerce Today, Nestlé is piloting this innovative idea in Germany, allowing consumers “to discover, shop and share 72 Nestlé brands”, among of which you can also purchase products which are normally not in the Germanproduct line.
Involving customers
As the food and drink business informs us in its article from September 6, 2011 the Nestlé Marketplace also offers people the possibility of sharing their recipes and suggestions as well as submitting ideas for new Nestlé products and packaging, a selection of which is posted on the site. An article from futurebiz, a blog which concentrates on e-commerce strategies and ideas, questions what happens to these ideas. Is it just a way of making the customer feel involved? Or are the ideas really considered? Futurebiz claims that there should be more concrete communication about how Nestlé reacts towards these ideas and how they are dealt with.
Involving Facebook
The article from the futurebiz also critizes the use of an own commentary system and says that they would recommend the commentary-plugin of Facebook. The author of futurebiz is generally of the opinion that Facebook should be integrated more into Nestlé Marketplace. Nevertheless they approve of the idea Nestlé had and state that the firm has learnt from the past and is now on the right path, using Social Commerce in a benefitting way.
Courageous or Naive?
An article by Frank Puscher, published on September 1, 2011 on, views the whole new idea of Nestlé in a very critical way. The author is of the opinion that the whole idea roots in last year’s Social Media attack by Greenpeace. The rating system of the Marketplace shall apparently be completely open, uncensored and only moderated subordinately which is entirely the opposite of what they did during the Greenpeace attack.
According to Hartmut Gahmann, Head of Corporate Communication:
If Greenpeace wants to join, they are very welcome!
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