How I got to the topic of my next post

1st step: thinking 

After having posted about the critical aspects of Nestlé, like the use of palm oil from companies who were trashing Indonesian rainforests, I tried to find out something recent, positive about the company which is when I found the new Markplatz, I talked about in my last post. 

Somehow I didn’t think it was that interesting to write about the Markplatz than to write about controversial aspects like the rainforest trashing one, which is why I started thinking about other controversial aspects huge global companies like Nestlé are often brought in connection with.
2nd step: researching
That is when i plugged “controversial aspects Nestlé” into Google. Of course first there came a lot of links concerning the Greenpeace attack, which I had already researched and dealt with in detail.
Finally I found this interesting page which deals with labour issues and human rights issues. I saw this quote:
African cocoa plantations accused of child labour and trafficking implicate Nestlé: 2001
3rd step: deeper researching
and so I plugged “Cocoa child labour Nestlé” into Google. First I found a Site managed by Nestlé themselves which was of course stating that they are against all kinds of child exploitation.
Then I found a recent article on the BBC News page stating that Global food giant Nestle says it has taken a major step to end child labour on cocoa farms supplying its factories (This was an “aha” moment for me, as I realized that there is a current issue concerning this topic).
I found a lot of blog posts stating this but I wanted to find out what had happened before Nestlé was making these statements of stopping the child labour. This was more difficult than I had thought, because everyone was talking about how Nestle NOW is taking action and working with other organizations against child labour. But what did they do before?
To find out about the history I had to work against the rules and dig deep in older blog posts, which was quite some work.. I plugged in “Nestlé using child labour” and found more things concerning the past. This makes it possible for me to consider the past, talk about that, and then how Nestlé has developped and finally conclude with the current topic of Nestlé stopping to use child labour.
4th step: structuring & analyzing
This is how I realized how much it matters how you formulate yourself during your search and which keywords you use. On top of that my research helped me construct an outline for my next post. History (looking at older posts) , development and solution (looking at current posts), which is why I collected and categorized the links I found in Evernote and put them in a kind of timeline in order to be able to analzye Nestlé’s development.
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