How to blog like me

1. What is Ben & Jerry’s about?

At the very beginning, when I decided to blog about Ben & Jerry’s, I just googled “Ben & Jerry’s” and “Ben & Jerry’s scandal”. I opened many many tabs.

2. Using Evernote to categorize and save

Whenever my tablist got too long, I started to get an overview of all the blogs and websites I had opened. I closed the ones I thought were unimportant and I saved the interesting ones on Evernote with a small headline to remember what that site was about. On Evernote I categorized all the different sites in topics (topics I could use for my blog posts). For example one note had the topic “Schweddy Balls” and in that note I saved all the links talking about Schweddy Balls and also One Million Moms since that was linked to Schweddy Balls.

3. Choosing the topic for my post

Not knowing with which topic to start, I just decided to pick the most interesting one to me. I thought Schweddy Balls was pretty interesting and also a little funny, so i picked it for my first post.

4. Research

After having chosen my topic for the next post, I started researching more in detail about that topic. For example, I googled “Schweddy Balls” and opened up many tabs. Then I went through the same procedure like at the beginning (getting an overview, closing the unimportant ones). While reading I got to One Million Moms and I started googling “One Million Moms”, “Schweddy Balls scandal”, etc.

5. Writing

When I had enough blogs to use for my own blog post, I started writing. I opened a new note on Evernote and wrote the actual post there at first. I try to find interesting headlines, if possible and fitting the topic even a little humorous, in order to attract people to read my blog post. Personally, I feel attracted to funny/humorous or metaphoric headlines, so that’s why I try to do the same. Some might like it, others don’t.
If I can’t think of a good headline right away I just start writing and sometimes while writing a nice headline pops up in my mind.
At the end of every post I try to connect the topic/post to business (very often it’s going to be marketing because Ben & Jerry’s has a lot of ways which differ from other companies). Then posting it on my group’s blog…DONE!
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