Thinking, Searching, Extracting – My Way of Blogging

1. Getting an Idea

When I do not know what topic I will write about next, I usually either google “Coca-Cola”, think about something that interests me, or go to the official Coca-Cola website and look for topics that catch my attention. I also keep my eyes open when I am outside for any signs of Coca-Cola commercials or similar things.

This way I found the topic for my next post: Yesterday I went to a Christmas market with a friend at the Berlin Gendarmenmarkt and saw a huge billboard there, hanging above the market. It was red and brightly lit and showed a huge Coca-Cola drinking Santa Clause. In the middle of the billboard one could see a frequently changing display board which displayed Christmas greetings sent from people via text message. So I decided to do my next topic on Coca-Cola’s marketing strategies.

2. Starting the Search

Once I got the topic I will write about, I start to google key words. To get entries from other peoples’ blogs I select “More” on the left hand side of the Google website and then click “Blogs”. There I start to open various websites, usually choosing the ones that I think might be of relevance concerning my topic and which catch my attention through the headline. After having opened a bunch of new tabs, I start skimming through them and eliminating them if I have the feeling that I will not need them. After that, I have usually about 3-5 websites left.

3. Extracting the Good Stuff

When I have chosen the websites I like, I start picking out phrases or paragraphs I think I will need, and copy them to “Word”. There I summarize the sentences or paragraphs, or simply pick out single words. After having done so, I delete the paragraph that I copied from the website. This way, I keep reducing the amount of open tabs and at the same time adding more information to my own blog post which slowly develops. While doing so, I often find some other pieces of information which I had not thought of before and which I would like to add to my entry. When this happens I start repeating point 2. Once all tabs are closed, most of my post is usually done.

4. Adding Images and References

After having finished the post, I add pictures, videos, or links that refer to other authors or provide the reader with further information on the topic.

5. Cleaning Up and Posting

Before finally posting my blog post, I go through it again, proofreading it and checking for any other structure mistakes or similar things. When this is done, I preview the entry and when I am satisfied with it, I will upload it to our site.

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  1. This is just great, and for next week maybe take us through the chain of associations you will experience as you go back on the web? Coca-cola is of course everywhere, I sometimes drink it, I feel like it is “comfort food” or something. Why do we get stuck on that sugar water? I’ll bet there is a great story there. Tell me how you work step by step, I’m sure it will be interesting!

  2. Hi Saskia,
    a nice strategy that you use when preparing to write a post. It caught my attention immediately because of your topic and that you have divided your post into sub titles that makes it easier to understand.

  3. juliajogs

     /  December 15, 2011

    Hi Saskia,

    Your topic is indeed very interesting and I have to admit, that I do research in almost the same way. But I was wondering whether there are questions that come to your mind and push you further in your research. What were you thinking when seeing the billboard that brought you to write about that topic? This would be really interesting and I am looking forward to your next post about Coca-Cola’s marketing strategy.

  4. Thanks a heap for this post, glad to see there are still some excellent writers around the web!

  5. Incredible points. Sound arguments. Keep up the good effort.


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