Ben & Jerry’s around the whirled

Giving gifts to others on its own birthday…

Every year since Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield founded Ben & Jerry’s in 1978, the ice cream company celebrates its annual birthday by having a “Free Cone Day” at their shops. Mmmh…FREE Cone Days?! Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? …Well…it IS!

It basically serves as an appreciation gift for Ben & Jerry’s customers and takes place around April. In addition, they also collect donations on that day for local social organizations. The most recent Free Cone Day was on April 12, 2011, so stay tuned for the next. They always celebrate that day in all different countries, not only in the US, but also in the UK or the most important for us: in Germany.Over one million free cones are given away each year which led to the company’s slogan:
Be One in a Million!

Last year, Ben & Jerry’s even went further than “only” the Free Cone Day…

Fair-Ice Tour

That is what their over one month ice cream tour during summer in Germany, Switzerland and Austria is called. They had one big ice cream truck travelling to over 30 cities in the above named countries and serving free ice cream there while stocks last. 

Jessica and also Elisa explained in their earlier posts, social media nowadays is one of the most important ways of marketing and spreading the word about things. Greenpeace used Facebook to “destroy” Nestlé’s practices and Skittles experienced a big boom and became famous caused by its marketing campaign with the help of a Twitter and Facebook screen. “Of course”, nowadays everyone has a Facebook or Twitter page and so does Ben & Jerry’s. Here on Ben & Jerry’s Facebook page, they also have spread their word about the Fair-Ice Tour 2011 on one of the most popular social networks and right now that page thanks the people who made that tour a success. So I assume their might be further information about the upcoming Fair-Ice Tour in 2012 on Facebook as soon as possible.

Success? Yes!

On “urbanista” (a blog) you can read about the bloggers experience with the Fair-Ice Tour in Mannheim and see a few photos (photos can be also seen on Ben & Jerry’s Facebook page by the way). It seems like she really enjoyed it. Also a blogger named “genussagentin” talks about her experience with the Fair-Ice Tour in Leipzig. She really appreciates that Ben & Jerry’s used a different promotional measure than the “standard” ones and it might have worked since there were many happy people enjoying Ben & Jerry’s from all generations and groups.

I found an article, where the blogger tells us that the places where Ben & Jerry’s stopps during its tour can be voted by the people. You can vote for cities and even suggest specific places in that city.
As Denise Christ says on her blog: “Das ist mit Sicherheit die beste Gelegenheit dieses fantastische Eis kennenzulernen!” (engl.: It’s definitely the best opportunity to get to know that fantastic ice cream!”) Sort of already expresses one of the main intentions of Ben & Jerry’s: Marketing!
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  1. Nico

     /  February 12, 2012

    Hi Ly,
    A simple idea lead to massive success. Let’s create new ice-cream flavors. Something that has never been tasted by humans before. Great idea.
    The Fair-Ice Tour and the free cone give away are brilliant marketing strategies to combine with donation.
    I think Ben&Jerrys also ows to the people. The ice-cream is quite pricy here in Germany. A free cone wont hurt and as we can see, it doesn’t. It’s really something special to buy Ben&Jerrys.
    Special taste for special days.


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