Businesses’ New Year’s Resolutions… with Social Media!?

While thinking about my new blog post I was eating chocolate.. most probably from Nestlé. Well, of course, it was Christmas! That’s what you do at Christmas.. eat, eat, eat! But what happens after having eaten all that crap? The New Year is about to arrive and people make New Year’s Resolutions! Often these resolutions have to do with losing weight, becoming fitter, stopping to smoke and all kinds of things related to health and looks. Somehow all the food companies manage to make you forget these resolutions during the year, so that you end up having the same resolutions again at the end of the year. Sounds familiar?

Well… its not all about loosing weight, being happy, and all the usual stuff people tend to want to achieve.
What about having New Year’s Resolutions on your use of social media? That would probably also be really interesting for large food companies like Nestlé who in the past have failed in Social Media as you have seen in recent blog posts.
Improve your marketing strategies
According to online marketing publisher Optify, businesses who turn to social media for advertising will have a greater ability to reach consumers in 2012. This implies that there is probably no way around social media for businesses that want to stay up-to date.
As Stephanie Faris discusses in her blogpost from December 7, 2011, creating a Facebook fan page is one of the first steps a company should consider for the new year if it hasn’t yet got one. This will make it easy to interact with customers and provide interesting information as well as compete with other companies.
Don’t make the same mistakes as last year
On December 30, Deb McAllister-Holland, a marketing director, wrote about Social Media Mistakes to avoid in 2012. Thinking of Nestlé and their mistakes, this is probably interesting for a lot of companies. The author claims that the most common mistakes are to post sporadically or inconsistently, follow every social media guru’s advice, fall into the self-promotion rut and fail to plan or track messages. According to her, the marketing sections of businesses should concenctrate on not making these mistakes in 2012, or they will fail in the usage of Social Media which can actually provide so much benefit and promotion.
Use Social Media for interacting
Will Robinson, a programmer from the US, wrote a post on December 7, 2011, stating that
It’s not about posting, but interacting. This is where the true superstars rise to the top. You must engage your followers not just throw stuff at them.
I think there is a lot of truth to this quote. People tend to talk about themselves on Social Media and expect reactions of others, but actually the whole facebook, twitter and youtube sphere is about interacting and communicating instead of self profilisation. According to me this is the most important factor to consider in businesses’ Social Media New Year’s Resolutions: talk to your customers and react to their comments. Use Social Media platforms as telephone, not as television.
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  1. Nice post!:) I can completely identify with that repeating procedure of making resolutions as I am doing this in exactly the topics you enumerated (who does not).
    It is very interesting how you specialize on the online appereance and social media and the advice you give at the end “Talk to your customers and react to their comments” reminds me of ingas post ( in which she describes how fashionistas start to react to their fan’s demand- a sign of othe power of the consuming mass.
    As you referred to your post about nestle, I read this post, too and am excited how they will solve and retry their social media establishment and how other firms will invade facebook in the following time.
    good job:)

  2. annehwr

     /  January 3, 2012

    I can only agree with Viola, well done! I really liked how you introduced the topic by linking it to that very personal and current topic of the New Year’s resolutions. I bet that everybody who read that post smiled and remembered his/her own resolutions. I found this article, and I think it really describes the situation of firms, not using facebook correctly. I believe that you hit a soft spot there and that it would very much indeed be a good New Year’s resolution for firms. Well done!

  3. Hey Jessica, this is a cool post. At first I thought you would be talking about how to decrease the number of hours spent each day using social media such as facebook. I actually just read an article about the same topic. How businesses can improve their marketing through social media. Here’s the link:
    You might check it out.
    A really good idea to connect the topic of a New Year’s Resolution to how companies could improve their social media skills!

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