About Us

Hi there!

We are four students – Elisa, Ly, Saskia and Jessica –  from the HWR Berlin who created this blog for our “Business Applications” course.

In our posts we will concentrate on the Food Industry. For that, we will take four different worldwide known companies (as listed below) and write about anything that will come into our minds, or seems interesting or worthwhile mentioning  to us. Below you can see who will write about what:

Coca-Cola Company  (Saskia)

Nestlé (Jessica)

Ben & Jerry’s (Ly)

We hope you’ll enjoy our posts!


Saskia R.  

As a kid, I was always excited when Christmas time drew nearer. The reason for that were not just  the cookies, christmas lights, family get-togethers, or presents, but also because I looked very much forward to the Coca-Cola Christmas Trucks which came every year at the same time when it started to get cold in Germany.

Because of that, I quickly developed an affinity to the Coca-Cola Company which has been the same way ever since. Every few years I was convinced anew that Coca-Cola was a great company when they sponsored events such as the Coca-Cola Soundwave Finale in honor to the German reunification.

Of course, I am also very much a fan of their products. I very much enjoy the wide variety of beverages they offer, and I am naturally also a big fan of the classic Coca-Cola®.

In my posts, I will write about any topic that seems interesting to me, and this way, help you and me to learn more about the Coca-Cola Company. I will work hard to make sure that my posts are well researched and that they state different opinions. Because in my point of view it is important to look at things always from two different sides.

So start reading and don’t forget to “live on the Coke side of life”!


Jessica M.

After having chosen the food business as our main topic, I quite soon knew that I would concentrate on the company Nestlé.

Nestlé had actually cought my attention about two years ago when the whole Greenpeace campaign was going on. I was neither a Greenpeace actionist, nor a Nestlé enemy, and I still not am. The happenings just cought my attraction and I began to do some research about it. Since then I have been realizing how many Nestlé products I and probably all of us consume daily. It is incredible what an impact this company has on the food and beverages business and I think there is a great deal of research I can do on the business, its tremendous variety of products, its ideals, its methods, its marketing… I just think there must be so much interesting information behind this global giant of a business!

I am looking forward to your comments, opinions and feedback on my posts – but do yourself a favour and “have a break” once in a while ;).


Ly N.

Nowadays, Ben & Jerry’s is a worldwide known ice cream company founded and based in the United States. It has numerous locations all over the world as in Canada,  Australia, Italy, China, Finland, Israel and maaany more.

In Germany, the ice cream is actually already available since 2002, but I didn’t notice Ben & Jerry’s until I spent one high school year in the US. There, the shops were spread everywhere and the pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream were available wherever I went. I have to admit that I loved Ben & Jerry’s from the beginning on, since my first little spoon of its ice cream. Whenever I had the chance to try out a new extraordinary flavor, I did. But since Ben & Jerry’s is not very cheap it became some sort of “luxury good” for me as a student without income.

Today, Ben & Jerry’s is loved by the majority of people and I’m one of them. I really love their “comic-like” appearance and special flavors, but I don’t know anything about their business itself. I hope you will enjoy discovering interesting things about the company as much as I do…and if you don’t, we will have something in common anyways: We love Ben & Jerry’s!


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