Jessica’s “Aha”-moments with Nestlé:

A(ha)fter we as a group had decided to each concentrate on a food/drinks company, I decided on Nestlé and new what my first post would be about, as I had already researched the Greenpeace attack on Nestlé before. I started using Google Blogsearch for the first time, limiting my search on the past 30 days to get recent posts. This is also when I first really got to know the features of Evernote, as I collected the links and also wrote my frist draft with this really useful program.

A(ha)fter having written that post, I thought that the Social Media attacking is kind of a topic itself and wanted to go deeper into that, which led me to my Short Digression to Social Media attacks, not only concentrating on Nestlé. As I had only talked about criticism on Nestlé, I decided to write my next post about something positive.

A(ha)s I searched for recent blog posts about Nestlé, I found out about the really new Nestlé Marketplace. I did some research on that on blogs as well as on the Marketplace itself and realized that it was kind of related to my earlier blogposts because its also connected with Social Media and kind of a revenge against the attack Nestlé had suffered from. That is when I decided to write my post about the positive as well as the criticized aspects of that online platform, because it kind of created a flow in my blogposts.

Elisa´s “Aha”-moments with Mars:

Since I started writing blog posts a couple of weeks ago I had several aha-effects. First of all, I got used to work with WordPress and discovered a bunch of features it offers – starting from design and appearance tools such as widges, menus and graphics up to the possibilities WordPress offers to write and tag your posts, to have a look at the blog statistics, and so on.

Above that I started working with Evernote. Although I downloaded it earlier and already had a quick look at it, I did not really implement this program in my working processes. But when writing my first blog post I used it and I discovered that this program makes life much easier and really helps to get things well-structured and organized – and today, I am not only using it for my blog posts but started to organize most of my docs in Evernote.

The next aha-effect I had was how to come from one topic to another and how to get valuable and usable information about that topic. As Jessica already mentioned, in our group we decided to take “food” as our overall blog topic. After we had more or less finished designing and installing our blog`s appearance it was time to focus on the blog posts. Having the candy giant Mars as general topic I was quite insure how I could connect this topic to IT and – even more important – how I could find information about Mars that interest me but also others enough to read my blog posts. As the greatest attention is mostly attracted with shocking news and scandals I was wondering if I could find something like Jessica and the Nestlé scandal. So I started my research using “Mars Inc. scandal” as keywords, but found nothing that I considered as interesting enough. So I enlarged my keywords to “Mars Inc. scandal social media” and soon I discovered Skittles. Skittles faced (in other dimensions, for sure) the same question a couple of years ago as I am right now – how to get a product interesting and famous enough, that they would buy (or read) it? Due to the convincing fact that they could record a more than 1000% jump in traffic within only one week (without any negative headlines, which I think is the much butter way) I decided that this topic deserves further investigations.

During the research for my Skittles-topic and came from one interesting topic to the next – I changed my keywords, found another interesting blog or article, changed my keywords again, and so on. At the end, I had a whole bunch of different keywords (from marketing, social media marketing, viral marketing up to different opinions about this topic and this way of acting in general) and, therefore, also a whole bunch of different topics for the coming weeks.

Saskia’s “Aha” – moments with Coca-Cola:

Apart from some minor “aha” effects, such as learning more about the features WordPress is able to provide and things like my broadened knowledge of certain topics, I had my first real “aha” effect when I wrote my blog post “Catching Colors & the Troubles of Imagination“. As I already mentioned, I had problems coming  up with a new topic that I liked writing about and that I hoped would be enjoyed by others as well. I realized that thinking about things that “kind of” intersted me was not enough anymore if I wanted to keep on writing and enjoying it.

So I sat down, really thought about what I was interested in and came up with the idea of writing about colors and their importance in marketing strategies. The difference to my other posts is that I – for the first time – just started writing, using my own words. I did not have to stop as often as I did in my other posts and think about what to write next. I basically just wrote and everytime I thought I needed some more information because my knowledge just was not enough, I looked for useful information on the web. The red thread was there, without me doing any extra thinking about it. I somehow knew exactly what I wanted to write and everything else could be build around it.

I hope I will be able to continue with the same procedure in my following blog posts and that you will enjoy reading them.

Ly’s “Aha”-moments with Ben & Jerry’s

Finally, I get to write about my aha-effects during my work with my group’s “Foodle-Blog”.
As well as my group members Jessica, Elisa and Saskia, I started using new programs. I have never used Evernote before and I was being on of the people who thought “Oh, I don’t need such a senseless program, I can do it all by myself”. Of course, I still think it is correct that I could take notes and write drafts by myself, but Evernote makes that work so much easier I think. More and more people in class were saying that Evernote actually is really helpful even though they did not expect that, so I thought I should try it out and that was a good decision! I opened up Evernote and right away there was my first AHA-effect…it was really easy for me to figure out how to create new notes and save drafts with linking words. Even this AHA-effect post is written on Evernote right now.
Also I did not know about all these features WordPress offers for our blog. Only when we were “forced” to work with the group on our blog’s appearance and settings, we found many new cool things like the widgets, tags, etc. That’s when I had several other AHA-effects.
Now getting to my actual AHA-effects while writing my blog posts about Ben & Jerry’s:
I just started googling “Ben & Jerry’s” (limited by the blog search) to see what kind of topics pop-up about Ben & Jerry’s and I just started collecting all different kind of things on Evernote putting the blog’s links into different categories (on different Evernote-notes). That way I got an overview about Ben & Jerry’s and interesting topics about it like “Schweddy Balls”, “Fairtrade”, “Free Cone Day” etc. So I already had some ideas not only about my first blog post but also about the following ones. During that long procedure of getting an overview I had maaaany AHA-effects because, honestly, I didn’t know anything about Ben & Jerry’s except that I love eating it and that it is American. It was really interesting to see how many people actually discuss Ben & Jerry’s on the web.
I decided to write my first post about Schweddy Balls because that name and its story made me laughing and I thought it would be a good start talking about something humorous. So then, I “blog-googled” more specific. My research was lead by “Schweddy Balls”, “Ben & Jerry’s scandal” or “Schweddy Balls scandal”. I read a lot about that topic and I found a blog talking about “One Million Moms” (AHA-effect!). I realized that this wasn’t just hilarious for everyone, there were people being seriously negative about “Schweddy Balls”.
I’m trying to figure out the topic for my next post since a while but couldn’t come up with anything good. Maybe I’ll try out Saskia’s new way of blogging very soon!

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