Week in review 25.01.2012

Development of our group work

First of all we would like to think about how we, as a group, did improve the efficiency and quality of our work. At the beginning, each of us started off with their own category. Changes concerning our blog appearance were not made upon consultation and we did not really discuss our topics/posts. Each of us was working independently from the others, basically worked on their own.

After having treated the topic of group work in class, we realized that we did not work as efficient as we could and therefore we decided to reorganize our group and to give each of us a specific task and responsibility. For example, Saskia was responsable for our blog design, Elisa made our mindmaps and Ly and Jessica were our category and widgets masters.

Above that we started to read and to talk about our posts, give each other advices as well as ideas about the different topics and started to discuss each other’s developments and what we want to do next. Talking and discussing everything as a team, opened up the possibilty to use our group force in order to develop completely new approaches and point of views. This resulted in the fact that we didn’t go on only writing about our own categories but developed new, interrelated topics and posts. Evidence for this would be for example the posts from Saskia and Ly about music business or Elisa’s and Jessica’s posts about Google transparency issues, as well as the comments we provide to each other.

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